War of the Worlds

Students will take part in the Alien Invasion Project during the three induction days. They will have the opportunity to meet their teacher and fellow class mates, as well as start their learning.

Students will take part in a number of activities such as creating a drama piece based on War of the Worlds in the style of a newsflash and they will use produce a radio broadcast. In ‘Alien Invasion’ students complete a series of code breaking activities. These activities allow students to create ideas and rules which explain the problem.

Within this project students retell the story of the ‘War of the Worlds’ in an interesting creative manner. They use musical instruments which they have created as part of their flipped homework and the activity will allow students to work on their Creative Competencies. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their team building skills as well as Literacy and Technological competencies.

Students also prepare for the next part of their induction and will visit Dudley Zoo. They will have to complete a series of Numeracy and Literacy activities in a treasure hunt with a prize at the end for the winner(s).

In previous years, the Induction Days have proved to be a huge success with nearly all students attending the three days.

"I really enjoyed the Alien Invasion activities. I wish we do more activities like this in the future. It was fun! Shireland is fantastic".

Sheyma Ahmed 7K2

"I found Alien Invasion fun because we made our own instruments and then used them to create sound effects for our own radio play".

Shereka Reid