Going Wild

At Shireland Collegiate Academy we understand that moving from Primary School to Secondary School is a big step.

The purpose of our Summer School is to help you settle at Shireland Academy and build upon Induction. There are two phases of Summer School.

Our Going Wild Summer School is the first Phase in the first week of Summer School and is an amazing opportunity for you all. This theme is where your Secondary Education starts. It is carefully planned with activities and lessons linked to the theme of "Going Wild". In this week you will build upon your learn knowledge about various different animals and their habitats.

Activities include creating documentaries, preparing presentations and using resources to create habitats. Everyone will be able to use our wide variety of technology at Shireland throughout this week to support you with your learning and help you develop key skills as well as learning important Geographical, Scientific and Environmental knowledge.

You will build on your Induction Experience and meet more new teachers, make more friends and get to know Shireland Collegiate Academy even better.

It also prepares you for Summer School Phase Two; Dragons’ Digital Den at the end of the Summer holiday.

"Summer school at Shireland Academy is really fun. It was during Summer School I met my best friend. We both met at Dudley Zoo and I loved this trip. I made lots of friends during this week. I loved it there because I got to know Shireland Academy and we had the opportunity to use some fantastic technology".

Luke Turner 7K2

"Summer School was a great experience for me because I had a chance to explore the Academy and understand the facilities. I loved Summer School because it was a great way to get ready for School. I met my form tutor so I wasn’t nervous for September. It was great fun".

Habeeb Akhlaq 7K2